Regularly Engage with Your Members

The Broadcast Email Message system allows simple, easy communication with your association's members, prospects, and other subgroups. As an extension of the Member Database, this system is a fantastic tool that can improve and maintain communication within any size organization.

All MemberLeap plans offer the following features:

  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Templates - emails sent out are HTML formatted; you can add formatting to make your messages very professional; you can add a custom header image and border to your messages to make them personalized to your organization, including setting up various templates to use for different types of communications you send out.
  • Opt-out - allow members to opt-out of receiving messages or manually opt them out upon request (so they don't accidentally opt themselves out of all communications when they only want to receive fewer messages).
  • Personalized Salutation - make your messages feel more personal by including the recipients name ("Dear Jane,") rather than a generic greeting ("Dear Members,").
  • Member Submission Control - allow members to submit messages for broadcast, subject to admin approval.
  • Bounce Tracking - keeps track of invalid e-mail addresses so that you can update your mailing lists and avoid being blocked as a spammer by ISPs.
  • Scheduled Messages - compose your message now and schedule it to be sent later; great for the weekend organization executive who wants a message to go out when they're tied up in the middle of the week.
  • Recipient List Builder - with just a few clicks, send a message to your entire membership or choose only a subgroup.