Easily Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

Editing the content of your website using our online sophisticated Content Manager tool is as easy as using word processing software.

All MemberLeap plans offer the following features:

  • Webpages - add, delete, or rename webpages and subpages; move webpages within the navigation
  • Easy-to-Use Editor - add the content within each webpage and then edit with familiar controls to adjust font style, color, background colors, and various other presentation formats
  • Links - easily add links to text or images on your webpages to other webpages within your website or anywhere on the web
  • Images - insert pictures into your webpages to create visual interest; add some horizontal and vertical space around the image so it doesn't crown your text; set the image alignment to left or right and then text will wrap to the left or right based on the alignment
  • Tables - insert tables to easily arrange content with a webpage
  • Spell-Check - enable this feature to spell check as you type
  • Horizontal Lines - insert a horizontal line to easily break up sections on your webpage
  • YouTube Videos - easily embed YouTube videos right on your webpage by either pasting embedded code from YouTube or linking to a YouTube video URL web address
  • Slideshows - visually enhance your webpages by adding a rotating slideshow anywhere utilzing our Slideshow Manager; rotate sponsors of an upcoming event or showcase new members

MemberLeap offers a consistent CKEditor throughout the system (member data, calendar of events, broadcast email message, news manager, etc.) to make management and presentation of your data as easy as possible.

Grid Page Editor

Our Content Manager also includes a Grid Page Editor feature.  In addition to being able to "Add Page" to create a new webpage and "Add Link" to add a hyperlink to the navigation bar that is automatically directed to a particular webpage, you can choose to "Add Grid," which allows you to easily create a visually appealing webpage.