Member Data Conversion

You can take your member data from your existing system and load it into your new MemberLeap database. If you have historical data (past billing, renewals, non-dues, events, store purchases, etc.), we can upload your current file that contains this information into our File Archive for you to access if needed, but typically this information will not be visible in your members' profiles.

Membership Plans

Members in our system are defined as those records requiring usernames and passwords, thereby granting them access to the Member Portal. You will need to set up your membership plans based on information you provide in an online membership application, downloadable membership application, or other document describing your various plans.

You can also set up non-member plans (i.e. Prospects, List-Only) for your current non-member records.

Converting Member Data Fields

You can upload your member data, which is limited to one file (CSV, XLS, or TXT) with one tab with up to 50 fields/columns with each member's data contained within a single row (see example fields below). If you have more than 50 fields, please visit to choose a custom website package.

  • Member ID
  • Business Name
  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Cross Reference Member ID#
  • Work Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Fax;
  • Address
  • Address2
  • City
  • State;
  • Zip Code
  • Website URL
  • Email;
  • Join Date
  • Membership Plan Name*
  • Dues Amount;
  • Date Current Membership Term Expires* - unless the terms are fixed year (ex: January 1 - January 1)
  • Current Balance Due*
  • Paid Up Indicator (Y/N)*
  • Username
  • Password
  • Category 1
  • Category 2
  • Category 3
  • Category 4
  • Category 5
  • Project/Committee 1
  • Project/Committee 2
  • Project/Committee 3
  • Additional Custom Fields (text, indicator, selection, multi-selection, multi-line text, admin only, dates, and additional phone)

               *Required fields

If you are coming from another software vendor who offers non-linear data (multi-relational file with multiple tabs/spreadsheets) or Microsoft Access with multiple tables, you will need to identify which columns are actual 'member data' versus historical data (past billing, renewals, non-dues, events, store purchases, etc.).

Cross Reference a Company to its Employees

If you are using our cross referenced feature, please include Member IDs for all members and then add a 'Cross Reference' field with the number of the parent/company that a child/employee is cross referenced back to. This default feature is only applicable where the child/employee is a $0 dues member plan. If the children/employees pay for their dues, we would need to gather additional information and provide you with a quote for this option. Example, Joe is the primary contact who pays for the membership and Jane is cross referenced back to Joe.

Cross Referenced
to Member ID#
1001 Joe Smith   Member $100
1002 Jane Smith 1001 Secondary Member $0

Member Data Inspection

After your member data is uploaded, you will need to verify it is accurate. We recommend spot checking of member records comparing old versus new system and record counts of old versus new.

Initial Billing Records and Inspection

After your member data is uploaded, you will need to create an initial set of billing records (invoices/payments). This will allow MemberLeap to have a record of when each membership expires and whether or not they have a balance due.