Efficiently Manage your Member Records

The online Member Database is the center of the association management software. This database can be used to manage your current members and past members as well as track your prospects, vendors, speakers, volunteers, sponsors, etc.

Dependent on MemberLeap plan selected the system offers the following features:

  • New Member Registration - new members can conveniently sign up online, and they can either pay their membership dues online with a credit card (Gold and Platinum plans only) or mail their dues to the organization (Bronze and Silver plans).
  • Membership Plans - also referred to as record types, these plans are used to organize members into groups and to determine the dues amounts that are paid by members in each group.
  • Custom Fields - manage information specific to your organization.
  • Reports - tailor data into the information you need in the form of lists, postcards, mailing labels, and other formats with saved and custom queries.
  • Committees/Projects - keep track of who is working on specific projects.
  • Member Directory - display a list of members or enable a search. Directories can be made public or private, according to your organization's needs.
  • Branding - colors, themes, headers and footers will match the rest of your site.
  • Security Levels - grant different levels of access to different members; two primary access levels - administrators and members; administrators can access and edit all records, while members can only edit their own data; and administrators can restrict members' access.
  • Admin Fields - keep notes on prospects and members; viewable only by executives.
  • Data Exporting - export data in a format that can be used by other software.
  • Categories - classify members by industry, region, or other criteria (mostly used by business associations).