MemberLeap Features

MemberLeap is a powerful membership management software system that includes many web-based features that can assist you in efficiently managing your association. MemberLeap is Software as a Service (also known as SaaS), and it is purchased on a month-to-month lease subscription and based on the number of active member records (username and password) in your database. You are not locked into a long term contract.

  • Choose from four convenient plans (please note: only Silver and Gold include online payment options)
  • For associations with more than 400 members, please learn more about additional pricing or reach out to us.
Over time as you use the system more to reduce the amount of admin time, increase how much money you take in, and just grow overall you may find yourself wanting to increase the services that you have or offer to your members.  After using this solution for a time you will be able to upgrade to a full MemberLeap plan, this will allow for things like included customer support as well as a monthly plan that is higher than gold with additional features.  If you are curious about what those features may be you can find them on the MemberLeap Features and Benefits page.

Website Content Management

Website Content Manager (Learn more)
for many websites, this tool can be configured to allow non-tech users to easily update and format various sections of text within their website; it also features a Grid Page Editor, which allows you to easily create a visually appealing webpage.
Links Page Editor
easily maintain a hierarchical list of links and resources.
File Archive
share documents with your board/officers and members; post documents such as newsletters and meeting minutes online; and keep documents organized into categories and easily searchable.
Video Manager
manage video files for the public or for members-only.
Slide Show Manager
if you need an additional revenue stream, you can sell ad space on your site, and use the banner ad manager to place the ads.
 Forms Builder
build custom web-based forms to allow anyone to fill out forms on a website, they can be used to submit requests, provide feedback, ask questions, and more.
 Photo Album Editor
publish an album of photos of your members and projects; photos can be labeled and the album can be public or members-only; and photos can be organized into multiple volumes.
 Classified Ads / Job Board
allows ads to be posted on your website or within the members-only area.
  Member Press Releases
similar to the news module, this feature allows your members to submit press releases to published on your website; a press release editor has the opportunity to approve/disapprove of submissions.

Membership Management

Member Database (Learn more)
a full-featured member database system to track member data, membership plans, categories, notes, and custom fields for your organization.
Members Only Member Directory
display a private member directory in the Members Area with additional information than what is displayed in the public directory; fully searchable based on various criteria - membership plans, member name, categories, and custom fields.
Membership Interest Form (Contact Us Form)
this feature allows prospective members to fill out a form to request more info, and their info is sent in an email to a designated email and is also loaded into the member database as a prospect record.
Online Members Area
the members area is where you can limit access to some of your information to "members only", and it also allows members the ability to change their own name and address information.
 Member Data Conversion
taking your current member data, converting it, and loading it into your account - note: limited to conversion of one file of data, up to 50 fields wide, unlimited rows.
 Contact Tracking (CRM System)
keep track of your contacts with your members and prospects.
 Custom Reporting
set up an unlimited number of custom reports to print formatted member lists, address lists, mailing labels, and more.
 Member Billing System
a package to manage dues payments and produce invoices for dues, track payments, send email renewal notifications and past due notifications, and more.
 Online Dues Payment
allow your members to pay dues online and accept donations online as well - includes interfaces for PayPal, Authorize.Net, ClearGate, Heartland, and other payment gateways.
  Public Member Directory/Search (Find a 'Member')
display a public directory on your website with limited information; fully searchable based on various criteria - membership plans, member name, categories, and custom fields.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting
All MemberLeap plans include our Basic Hosting Plan: 8 GB of storage and 20 POP Mailboxes with email forwarding.


Broadcast Email Message (Learn more)
easily send a message to all members or selected members via an easy-to-use interface.
News Manager/Blog (Learn more)
keep members updated with the latest information from your organization by publishing news items on your website.
RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are provided with the calendar of events, news, and member press release modules.
Newsletter Editor
edit a detailed electronic newsletter, sent via email as well as published on your website, and the editor allows you to create a 'template', after which you can create newsletter issues using this template framework.
 Message Boards
allow members to conduct ongoing discussions online, and multiple boards can be organized around different subject categories within which members can start topics for discussion.
 Projects / Committee Management (also Board of Directors and volunteer management)
allow members to sign up for projects, classes, committees, and events; easily update pages detailing various projects/committees; store committee documents and allow committees to easily communicate with one another; and send broadcast emails to committee members.
  Social Networking Tool (MultiPost)
allows you to post events and news items to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously.
conduct surveys to collect information from your members.
  Resource Reservations
for organizations that have common resources (such as an LCD projector, meeting rooms, or other items), it allows members to reserve these resources for a block of time.

Event Management

Event Calendar (Learn more)
easy to update online, the calendar features all of your organization's upcoming events, and it can be public and/or members-only - various formats are available.
  Event Registration
allow members and non-members to sign up and pay fees for conferences, conventions, and other events.
  Attendance Tracking
keep track of your members and their involvement.
  Volunteer Management
set up volunteer opportunities and the various time slots available for your members to easily register for; track volunteer hours; and assign volunteer coordinators; the $10 monthly fee is included in the Platinum plan.


  Wish List
this unique module allows you to present items needed by your association, available for donors to provide to you.
  Catalog / Store
offer an online catalog/shopping-cart to sell promotional items, sponsorships, documents, and more.


  Online Learning Module
allow members to take self-guided courses online.

Optional Add-Ons

   Zoom Interface
 $10/month for one account, or $20/month for more than one (available at Gold only).
   Online Donations
$25/month allow supporters and members to make direct donations (available at Gold only).